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2019 & prior

MTSU:  Making Legen-dairy Milk

About 15 minutes northeast of MTSU's campus is a lesser-known part of the university:  the MTSU Farm.  Here, students from the School of Agriculture spend time on 435 acres of pastoral farmland and experience hands-on learning in areas like crop science, livestock management, and modern-day dairy production.  Go behind the scenes at the state-of-the-art dairy barn to meet some of the MTSU dairy herd and see what it takes to produce the university's popular milk.

Cat Cafes:  The Growth to Meowfreesboro

Cat cafes started in Japan over 20 years ago as a way to allow people who couldn't otherwise have pets to interact with cats in a relaxing environment.  As the trend made its way to the U.S., the purpose of cat cafes transitioned into one that focused on cat rescue and adoption.  Take a look inside a local cat cafe to learn why their popularity is booming nationwide for people seeking furry companions and how they help local cats seeking forever homes.

Down & Dirty in Nashville

Families, friends, and pets gathered to take part in the 2019 Tough Mudder Nashville 5K Mud Run on Saturday, October 5. This year’s race featured 25 obstacles for the Mudders plus 13 obstacles for runners of the 5K. Competitors and spectators all gathered in the Mudder Village to wait for their assigned start times and cheer for the other participants. The Mudder Village featured local businesses, vendors and sponsors showcasing everything from merchandise to food and beverages and everything in between. Following the race, each competitor had the opportunity to wash off the mud in the showers and wash down any pain with a complimentary ice-cold beer.

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The Friendship of a Lifetime

For a therapy dog, getting showered with love and affection wherever they go is a normal part of their day. This is certainly the case for Shaylie, a two-year-old Great Pyrenees-Lab mix. Shaylie is a recently certified therapy dog who lives with her owner and handler, Jean Baird. Every week, Jean takes Shaylie to visit her best friend of 45 years, Jess Arney, who lives at the Elmcroft Senior Living Community in Lebanon, Tennessee.  Jean and Shaylie’s visits are welcomed by everyone at the facility, including both residents and staff.

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